Thursday, June 30, 2011


Google has come out with it's own version of Facebook! It's called Google+. I've spent about 10 minutes looking at it, and I really like what I see. It is still in Beta testing so it is an invite only thing. As soon as I get invites I will start sending them out.

My first impressions are:
Facebook without annoying apps
Google is awesome


As for e3, I started watching the Nintendo press conference. The first 15 minutes were boring (but that's because it was all about Zelda, and I'm not a Zelda fan). Right now I'm at the part that is all about the Nintendo 3DS. I'm pretty excited about that. Might even go buy one myself. Still, I can't wait until Reggie starts talking about the new Wii.

Oh and I changed the name of my blog, as you can see.

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